Who is a conscious person? 4 types of awareness

Who is a conscious person? 4 types of awareness

Let’s discuss.

Mindfulness – continuous tracking of current experiences, that is, a state in which the subject focuses on the experience of the present moment, without being involved in thoughts about past or future events. (Wikipedia)

A conscious person is one who has adopted for himself a certain system of life values, the laws of the Universe, which should be observed for the benefit of all mankind and each individual.

These people know how to distinguish between the important in life and the unnecessary, and this gives them time and energy to develop positive qualities in themselves, enjoy life more, appreciate everything and everyone in their lives.

And perhaps the coolest thing is that conscious people have inner freedom. And this is a very rare quality.

Such a person takes responsibility for his life. He has no complaints about other people.

A conscious person has complete acceptance of himself and acceptance of others with all their thoughts and life positions.

Next to such a person it is very easy to be yourself. He does not invent for others, does not tell how “right” and does not criticize.

There are no expectations, he simply trusts the Universe and gratefully accepts everything that happens to him.

He has developed intuition, because he knows himself well and hears his subconscious.

A conscious person loves himself and is in love with life. He is happy to be on this planet here and now.

How to become aware?

  1. Physical awareness.

This is the ability to control your body, to hear it, to follow it.

Meditation, yoga, dancing, sports will help us here. You need to reevaluate your diet. Conduct a general examination with a doctor. Form new good habits, get rid of bad ones.

Remember that the body is the temple of your soul!

  1. Emotional awareness.

It is the ability to manage your emotions.

First you need to understand your emotions, name them.

A good practice is to set an alarm for every two hours and answer the question: How do I feel right now? Then go through your body with attention to understand where there are clamps in the body and relieve this tension with deep breathing.

You need to learn to build adequate relationships with the people around you. Respect the emotions of others. Ask about how you can help, if you need advice. Practice empathy and gratitude.

  1. Energy awareness.

It is the ability to control your energy.

Here you need to understand exactly the source of your energy and what you spend it on.

You can make a list “Fills with energy” and write down everything that inspires you, from which you feel a surge of strength, positive emotions. It can be ice cream, a movie, a book, drawing, a walk in the park, chatting with a friend, or even a favorite job.

And I also propose to make a list “Takes energy.” Write down everything that makes you feel weak, irritable, and unproductive.

Let these lists help you. For example, when you feel low on energy, look at the first list and do one of the items: buy yourself an ice cream or go to the movies with a friend.

And try to shorten the second list.

  1. Intellectual awareness.

This is the ability to use your potential, your strengths.

You need to look at yourself with love and respect and accept yourself.

For self-knowledge, the practice “Ask a friend” is suitable. Ask three of your close friends or relatives to describe your strengths and strengths. So you will see yourself from the outside. Think about whether you like this image.

You can undergo diagnostics from specialists who will give a portrait of your personality and, having determined your potential and your strengths, you will be able to develop yourself and gain knowledge, practice and move forward without stopping.

Make another list of “My achievements” and write down your victories there.

Here are the main directions of awareness. If you take even small steps on these points, then you can already feel your life more fulfilling, harmonious and balanced.

I will be glad if it was useful to you.

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