How to be a good parents and make your child happy

How to be a good parents and make your child happy

No matter how hard you try to prepare yourself to be a great parent, you still mess up.

Big problems arise for someone who is sure that he will never mess up and for someone who strives to be the perfect parent.

If we try to be perfect, and often we are not (we are not robots), then a huge amount of anxiety arises, thoughts appear that I am not a good enough parent, that we need to become different, better, stronger, etc. the present can be very destructive for both you and the child.

You have to come to terms with the fact that you can’t do without mistakes. And the most important thing is to love your children!

Just like that, without fanaticism, without guilt, but in a buzz!

Somehow, every child knows how to be happy, and our main task, as a parent, is not to interfere with him.

All our jambs, as a rule, are not because we didn’t do something, but because we tried to do something, as we thought, right.

Try to just be yourself, who you are. It is very important for children that dad and mom are happy next to them, it is important for them to see a model of how to live without fear, to the fullest, how to be themselves, not perfect and correct, but just … by yourself!

And believe me, no matter what you are, children will always find something to pick on you for.

No one is born under your requests.

And don’t forget:

  • You need to be on the side of the child ALWAYS.
  • Learn to LISTEN without interrupting when your child is talking.
  • Know how to be SILENT when the child does not want to say anything.
  • REFUSE when necessary, firmly but kindly.
  • Learn to NEGOTIATE and stick to your word.
  • CREATE such conditions that the child does not want to lie to you.
  • Learn to TALK not about school, but about life in general.
  • Even when punishing, make sure that the child does not doubt that you LOVE him!
  • Know how to LET GO and TRUST when the child begins to live his own life.
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