7 philosophical principles of the structure of the universe

7 philosophical principles of the structure of the universe

There is such an interesting treatise “Kybaleon”, written by three unknown people in 1908, in Chicago.

  1. Principle of Mentalism.
    Everything is mind. The Universe is mental. Everything is thought.

  2. Principle of Conformity.
    As above, so below; both below and above.

    Just as knowledge of the laws of geometry allows us to measure distant stars and their movements while sitting in an observatory, so knowledge of the Correspondence Principle allows us to intelligently move from the known to the unknown.

  3. Principle of Vibration.
    Nothing is at rest – everything moves, everything vibrates.

  4. Principle of Polarity.
    Everything is dual, everything has poles. Similarity and difference are one and the same. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree of manifestation. Extremes always converge. All paradoxes can be tried on.

  5. Principle of Rhythm.
    Everything comes and goes. Everything has ebb and flow. The maximum to the right is equal to the maximum to the left. Rhythms are compensated. Rise and descent accompany us always throughout life.

  6. Principle of Cause and Effect.
    There is a cause for every effect, and an effect comes from every cause. Nothing escapes the Law.

  7. The principle of Paul.
    Everything has a feminine and a masculine beginning. This principle always operates in the direction of re-creation and creativity. All things and all people contain both principles or this great principle within themselves.
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